Could You Benefit From A Stronger Bottom Line?


How Restaurants Can Profit From A Better Sourcing & Supply Chain Management System

See how SCA Technologies can help you benefit from a strong bottom line As we have seen, restaurant supply chain, procurement, finance and menu management departments are under pressure, squeezed from one side by customer demands and from the other side by cost constraints.

Restaurants have reached their limit on taking menu price increases. To compete, chains must bring their cost structure to a leadership standard.

Current software only attacks each silo; companies need farm to fork cost visibility and cost management. But traditional supply chain software focuses only on fulfillment and inventory. To get products to your restaurants – profitably– requires looking all the way back to the vendor and making the right tradeoffs between additional capacity, overtime and a more dynamic sourcing model.

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The restaurant supply chain, procurement and finance functions are facing a crisis.

Producer price index rises

YOY Dec 2013 – Dec 2014