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Enable our clients to achieve the full value of real-time digital supply chains in the food industry. To achieve the full value, we bring the comprehensive ability to address all needs of all participants  

Comprehensive ability: planning, collaborative and reporting 

Needs: commercial, operational, financial 

Participants: commodities, processors, freight, distributors and retailers. 

Our accomplishments: 

Today, SCA Planner is used by leading restaurant companies to manage their supply chain spend and fulfillment. We work with 5 of the top 10 leading brands in the restaurant industry and with about 200 plus manufacturers in the food industry. 

SCA Planner 3.6 is a best in class application in the food industry that has been adopted by industry leaders for competitive advantage. This release has migrated SCA Planner to a platform that allows customers to implement their own processes on SCA Planner. With 2 major releases every year and continuous updates for minor feature drops, our product feature delivery matches the best in the software industry. It is the only application in the industry that covers all business processes in procurement, supply chain and finance, thereby providing a complete footprint for digital transformation. 

Our customers have achieved significant results with the use of SCA Planner. The business results include improving sales with higher fill rates and achieving significant cost savings up to 5% of COGS. They have improved forecasts – both in accuracy and extending forecasts to the planning horizons. Beyond the verifiable business results, the transformative operational capability – be it digital processes, real-time response, scalability and productivity – SCA Planner complements building a lasting competitive advantage for our customers.   


Since 1999, SCA Technologies has provided innovative solutions in category sourcing and cost management that helped industry leaders transform their supply chains to the next level of efficiency. Our fresh approach was designed to work across departments and companies to bring focus on total supply chain performance. We use the full power of technology to improve visibility and streamline processes for planning and managing supply and prices. 

Early supply chain innovators 

SCA innovated a set of algorithms for optimizing supply chain performance across raw materials, manufacturing and distribution. The solution achieved significant results for our customers. Over the years, SCA customer base grew rapidly with enterprise applications for customers in the food, electrical, technology and metals industries. 

Building digital supply chain solutions 

SCA then took on the next common challenge in supply chain: uncoordinated processes, inconsistent data resulting in poor supply chain planning and execution. SCA solved this problem by building a process platform that works across companies and thereby embedding advanced analytics within the process as smart decision support. With our approach to bring about the transformative results, we covered all the requirements for all the participants in a supply chain – from master data flow to visibility to integrated processes across functional and company boundaries.

Evolving to a SaaS platform :


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Meet our leaders

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Learn about our world class team and culture

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What Our Clients Say

SCA Technologies has been a great supplier to McDonald’s USA and continues to bring tremendous benefit to the McDonald’s system. Their expertise and insight combined with their energy and willingness to collaborate, has helped us make great strides and drive long-term growth.

Senior VP, North America Supply Chain

SCA’s application has been tremendously valuable for continued success and collaboration with our customers. The application has allowed us to take corrective actions in time in order to hit performance goals. Additionally, the application has also seamlessly facilitated the adjustment on utilization and unanticipated events around product sale and ingredient purchases that might have happened during the year.

Controller, Large Food Manufacturer

SCA has saved our styem in excess of $100 million. Their ability to integrate strategic sourcing requirements into the supply processes has been instrumental in enabling partnerships within our organization while driving value in the supply chain

VP, Supply Chain, Large QSR

Prior to finding SCA, this company had been using multiple disparate systems and excel to manage piece by piece, customer by customer, product by product. ther results were startling and shocking. For the first time, the company had real visibility into product and customer costs. SCA integrates predictive cost and operations models to let customers simulate a wide variety of what-if scenarios, putting them ahaed of the curve.

Research Analyst

SCA Technologies helped us deploy powerful economic modeling capabilities that led us to more enlightened and analytical decision-making processes. We now know the best answers to critical questions regarding our business processes and supply chain.

COO of the leading logistics and warehouse provider