Assuring supply in an increasingly volatile environment is a persistent challenge for restaurant companies. Store run-outs reduce store sales and margins and have a negative impact on brands. Reducing instances of such run-outs requires a supply plan built on quality information and in collaboration with vendors and distributors. The best supply plans are also based on the most accurate and up to date demand forecasts – which has its own complications; menu item changes, shifts in marketing, promotions, changes to consumer trends, etc. While an improved demand and supply plan will dramatically reduce run-outs, the potential for disruption can never be completely eliminated. When such disruptions arise, supply chain professionals must respond with greater speed than traditional methods allow.

SCA Planner Supply Planning and Execution provides the full supply-demand picture from store sales, DC inventory, Supplier inventory and all the way to Raw Materials. This enables supply chain managers to act in a timely manner to resolve the supply plan gaps without resorting to higher cost solutions. With version based planning, it enables managers to move to continuous planning where they address incremental market changes by selecting the versions and initiating a replanning. SCA Planner supply planning provides a master planning view where lanes and capacity can be optimized and then utilizes them during supply execution to address the latest demand requirements. By utilizing the smart recommendations, supply chain managers and buyers can build flexibility while optimizing supply costs in their supply chain.


SCA Planner Capability

Business Impact

Merge multiple data streams, historical and planned, to create full supply chain visibility
– across the supply chain: Store, DC, Supplier (including RM),
– across time: Past, present, forecasted

·       Enable supply chain collaboration 

·       Complete picture in one place for fast timely desicion making

Real-time data and forecasts with data and forecast versions in supply demand visibility and planning cycles implement continuous real-time planning process

·        Faster planning cycles with latest information

·        Automation reduces replanning workload

Forward looking Supply planning using capacity, order policies and landed cost optimization

·        Reduce purchased inventory levels and obsolescence risk with dynamic supply optimization

Supply Execution – Update forecasts with real-time sales. Use forecast updates to visualize supply demand impact – real-time updates for timely actions to ensure fill rates at lowest cost

·       Use latest forecast in real-time to replan supply and take proactive action 

·       Respond 5x faster to changes – market, supply or items related, with actionable insights

Smart Alerts and Notifications for potential runouts and plan updates


System generated proactive notifications for forward looking shortfalls and run-outs

·       Reduce obsolescence and assurance costs

Collaborative corrective action planning – resolve upcoming shortfalls – order changes, inventory transfers and alternative sources

·       Increase revenue with greater agility and fill rates

Inventory liability and exposure reporting

·       Reduce inventory commitment levels and exposure liability


  • Reduce supply chain costs in inventory obsolescence and supply assurance
  • Reduce financial risk in inventory commits across the supply chain
  • Increase reliability of store margins and operations with more accurate forecasts
  • Increase cash flow with reduced forecast errors
  • Increase team productivity
  • Improve speed of response with digital process

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