Today’s volatile market requires more precise and up-to-date forecasts on food and paper costs in order to protect margins. With our real-time COGS forecast, chains can analyze more dynamic scenarios, with more accurate commodity and inventory data, and immediately see the impact on cost of goods and margins. This more reliable approach improves franchisee and investor reporting and provides proactive visibility of food and paper margins.

A More Reliable ApproachBased on years of food industry experience, our COGS Forecast solution helps finance managers understand the drivers for food and paper cost changes and analyze what-if scenarios. Our COGS Forecast leverages real-time updates to provide:

  • Automated COGS variance reporting on the impact of product mix, volume, commodities and other factors
  • Integrated data from contracts, supplier costs, commodities, margin initiatives and inventory
  • Analysis of the drivers of food and paper cost changes, and % of COGS at risk
  • COGS reporting by region or franchisee.

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