Real-time visibility and control for your purchasing and supply chain operations

Give your organization the tools to plan, execute and manage all purchasing and supply chain functions faster, more efficiently, and more accurately – with results that track directly to your bottom line

Ready-to-use Solutions vs. Engineered Processes

Ready-to-use Solutions

Engineered Processes


Well defined narrow priority

Automate manual tasks Minimal process change

Want Fast and easy turn-key solution

Well defined technology roadmap

Evolve process with advanced capabilities and future process

Selected process changes to align with roadmap milestones


Short timeframes ~ 3 months

Business Process Transformation Project ~ 6 to 12 months for each phase


Fast returns on technology investment

Automate current processes on digital platform

Limited or No change management required

Pre-configured solution with commonly used capabilities

Best business case from digital transformation

Redesign process for better business results

Transform process to future state

Select modules and capabilities needed for technology roadmap

Ready-to-use Solutions

When customers need a digital solution fast and don’t have the time to design all the internal processes and undertake the business process transformation, our ready-to-use solutions provide them with the exact solution

Engineered Processes

When customers have a well defined technology roadmap and pursue advanced process capabilities and automation in purchasing operations and supply chain

Data & Setup

Supply, Demand & Logistics

Purchasing & Finance

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