Ready-to-use Solutions

When customers need a digital solution fast and don’t have the time to design all the internal processes and undertake the business process transformation, our ready-to-use solutions provide them with the exact solution.

Price Management

Manage prices across supply chain in one place. Highly automated digital process to track invoiced vs approved prices and reduce variances in real-time. Learn more →

Supply Chain Visibility

Automated process to eliminate supply risks and reduce expedite shipments before they occur. Real-time process to manage demand, orders, inventory across distributors and suppliers in one place. Learn more →

Master Data Management and Reporting

Manage and integrate data across master data, DC data, freight, pricing and other data sources into one unified supply chain view. Access commonly used standard reports in real-time as well as create your own custom reports within minutes. Learn more →

Supplier Management

Track supplier activities, metrics and costs and leverage them for reviews, insights and projections. Learn more →


Optimize supply chain design by concurrently using contract basis, FOB and Frieght across vendors, 3PL and distributors Learn more →