SCA Planner(TM) is a cloud-based logistics solutions designed to reduce costs while ensuring supply and strengthening your relationships with distributors. Our customers use SCA Logistics Solutions to:

Logistics Optimization

  • Optimize total logistics costs with true DC cost drivers
  • Build distribution network design using true DC cost structures and activity-based costing
  • Optimize distribution to meet cost, freshness, contingency and service-level goals
  • Lane assignments, DC process and technology choices, delivery frequencies, shelf life


Distributor Performance Management

  • Track distributor metrics, identify exceptions and improve performance
  • Standardize processes for DC budget, actual and variance reporting with consistent information across all DCs and distributors
  • Identify improvement opportunities by providing benchmark KPIs (on-time %, warehouse productivity, off-load rate) and opportunity reports across system or comparable DCs
  • Automate data collection, configurable reporting and predictive analytics
  • Design distributor performance incentive programs with complete performance metrics, rewards, tracking and reporting


Logistics Redistribution

  • Orchestrate distribution alternatives to minimize costs
  • Create a multi-tier logistics network design (vendor-hub-DC-restaurant) using inventory, freight, administrative and warehousing costs at each location
  • Determine routes direct to DC or through hub lane selection
  • Establish true DC and hub cost structures and activity-based costing

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