Assuring supply in an increasingly volatile demand and supply environment is an ongoing challenge today. Store run-outs reduce store sales and margins and have a negative impact on brands. To address this need, SCA Planner provides A reliable planning process that brings the latest full picture of demand and supply in one place, identifies upcoming points of risk and enables proactive collaboration with vendors and distributors . The demand forecasting and demand planning module delivers the most up to date and accurate demand forecasts that can capture trends in the latest sales data along with promotion plans, shifts in marketing and changes to consumer trends. The demand forecasts and demand plans are synchronized with menu item changes, usage levels etc… While an improved demand and supply plan will dramatically reduce run-out risks, the real sales can present changes to forecasts that supply chain professionals must respond with greater speed than traditional methods allow using supply execution processes.

SCA Planner demand forecasting and demand planning allows supply chain managers to use the data available to improve accuracy of demand plan. Supply Chain Managers can begin with the data available and improve forecast accuracy as more data streams become available – all while improving their productivity. SCA Planner planning uses a version based planning system where managers can baseline each planning cycle with the right version and then facilitate replanning with version updates thereby directing each planning cycle on the incremental impact.


SCA Planner Capability

Business Impact

Continuous Demand forecasting across promotional and core demand – from menu item at store level to purchased item at DC level

·        Improve forecast accuracy with latest data 

·        Timely updates with continuous process – higher fill rates at lower costs

Continuous forecasting and planning process using real-time information. Forecast versions flow to supply planning – delivering continuous real-time supply planning

·        Faster, timely information used in automated planning cycles

·        Automation reduces replanning workload

Configure forecasting process with data available today; improve forecasts with advanced algorithms, additional data point and training datasets as it becomes available

·        Implement your forecasting process today with currently available data

·        Improve forecast accuracy over time

Update forecasts with real-time store sales and adjust forecast error for timely supply plan adjustments

·        Improve forecast accuracy for execution using latest store sales – higher fill rates at lower costs

Integrates with supply planning, supply execution and master data management

·        Digital supply chain collaboration

Automation rules in data prep and transformation enables cumulative improvement in forecast accuracy


Smart Alerts and Notifications



  • Reduce supply chain costs in inventory obsolescence and supply assurance
  • Reduce financial risk in inventory commits across the supply chain
  • Increase reliability of store margins and operations with more accurate forecasts
  • Increase cashflow with reduced forecast errors
  • Increase team productivity
  • Improve speed of response with digital process

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