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“Speed up your response to the markets today while lowering costs with SCA Planner solutions”

Leading Enterprise Cloud platform delivers processes that integrate procurement, supply chain, risk management, marketing and other functions to deliver real-time intelligent planning and fast response.

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COVID-19 has revealed limits of current supply chain practices. Till now, the common supply chain practice was to fix supply sources and items. Managers only adjusted inventory in response to demand change. This practice is grossly inadequate to manage supply chain today. The real challenges are:

  • Inflexible supply chains: Food supply chains were inflexible by design – to mitigate risks and save costs. Managing in COVID 19 era requires real-time fast response, flexibility and agility in supply chain choices at lowest cost.
  • Silo approach to cost and supply: Traditionally firms isolate supply and cost management into separate unconnected processes. Today, markets change fast and current processes cannot respond in time. Modified processes that manage supply concurrent with costs and enables fast decisions for finite horizons are needed.
  • Managing in uncertain markets: Restaurants face uncertain demand and supply. Current processes work under relative certainty of demand. Real-time solutions with shorter planning cycles that bring supply and cost together at each decision point will be needed.

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A cloud platform used by restaurants and food manufacturers to manage costs and supply chain in real time.

By implementing the right processes, companies in the chain achieve better results for themselves and for the supply chain.

A real-time, fully digital platform across processes that reduces costs, increases financial forecast accuracy, lowers operating capital, reduces risks, speeds up response to digital levels and increases productivity.

Customer Success

Our customers have used SCA Planner for significant results

300 companies, 15 food sectors
manage complex sourcing and supply chain on our platform

US$10 Billion
annual spend managed on SCA Planner

20 Years
experience in food industry with top 10 restaurants and manufactures

Customer Success Stories

“SCA Technologies has been a great supplier to us and continues to bring tremendous benefit to our system. Their expertise and insight combined with their energy and willingness to collaborate, has helped us make great strides and drive long-term growth.”

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The right digital processes will transform your business

  • Create agility in real time in your supply chain – fast
  • Manage business and supply chain decisions together for faster response
  • Adopt to managing uncertainty in demand and supply

Lower COGS: 3% to 5%

COGS Savings

Lower logistics costs: 4% to 6%

Efficient Logistics

Better forward visibility: Increase forecast accuracy by 95%

Reduce Operating Capital
Reduce Variances

Fast, real-time plans updated short cycles: Weeks to less than a day

Fast Response

Maximize revenue – Reduce runouts by 75%

Assured supply at stores

Process automation: Free up 30%+ time for team

Team works on Business Priorities

Features: SCA Planner Advantage

Real-time Planning

  • Capture opportunities with faster response
  • Lower Cost of Goods
  • Assured supply with higher fill rates

Versus traditional methods where a vendor or buyer initiates response by issue in phone call, email and/or spreadsheets. This can take weeks to respond and results in higher costs due to limited analysis of response and lost opportunities.

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Supply and Cost Planning in one place

  • Greater flexibility in supply chain with faster response
  • Lower cost of goods
  • Better manage under market uncertainty

Versus traditional approaches that restrict most choices, except inventory, in real-time planning such as source change, or item changes and thereby result in higher costs, lost opportunities and greater cost variance risks.

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Integrated solution across business processes (Plan for one week to full year in one place)

  • Greater cost savings
  • Better manage uncertainty with high forecast accuracy
  • Greater team productivity with data and process automation

Versus specialized point solutions that automate silos, result in data that does not match and painful loss of speed and productivity.

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Smart Solutions with Intelligent Recommendations

  • Faster response to changes with facts and data
  • No or fewer stock-outs with proactive actions
  • Consistent and accurate information with in-built data validations and warnings

Versus current solutions where problems are identified too late in the process and suboptimal decisions are the norm.

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Specialized Solution for the food industry

  • Enable contract profiles specific to the food industry – commodities, formula, shelf life etc.
  • Three tiers of visibility, planning and collaboration – Raw material vendors to Distributors

Versus generic tools that are unable to reflect industry practices such as formula contracts and product freshness.

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Best in Class Cloud Solution

  • Inter-company web platform
  • Smart collaboration
  • Self deployment increases speed
  • Continuous updates
  • High scalability
  • Incremental adoption

Versus Common SaaS solutions that report historical data and are far short of driving intelligent digital processes.

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Category Planning

Real-time tracking and proactive response with automation and intelligent recommendations to stay ahead

Capacity & Supply Planning

Continuously track and optimize capacity and supply plan to increase fill rates

COGS Forecasting

Leverage latest planning and historical data with smart analytics build the most reliable forward view


Run what-if scenarios using latest business information to guide business decisions


Go beyond RFP to understanding your category and collaborate with suppliers to find the best solutions

Commodity Risk Management

Continuously track and align your risk management activities with the evolving business

Item & Ingredient Changes

Update item specifications or ingredients and propagate in your enterprise in real time

Digital Contracts

Bring greater speed, collaboration and accuracy to your supply chain


Automate pricing process and move to faster pricing cycles to reduce variance and greater cost accuracy

Supplier Management

Track supplier activities, metrics and costs and leverage them for reviews, insights and projections

Freight & Logistics

Track and update your freight and logistics costs for higher cost accuracy and better decision making


Report and analyze entire supply chain data in a single place and with greater data accuracy

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