Pain in the (supply) Chain

Do you face some of the challenges below in managing your supply chain?  If so, connect with us on the right and we will send you more information.

Does your COGS Forecast and Price Management process make you…

  • Struggle to create forward looking predictability of food costs for stakeholders?
  • Want to connect your risk management, demand forecasts and purchasing into a forward looking forecast for real-time visibility and what-if?
  • Want to manage restaurant price stability to bring reliability to restaurant margins and increase cash-flow?

Does approving Supplier Prices, make you…

  • Struggle with getting predictability in forward pricing of food items from your suppliers?
  • Experience big variances and price fluctuations in your prices?
  • Spend a lot of time and effort reviewing if your supplier pricing matches your contracts?

For Actuals, True-ups and Supplier Management, do you…

  • Struggle to reconcile against true-ups and manage accrual variances in a timely way?
  • Find your team spends excessive, non-value added time in matching old numbers, contracts and reconciliations?
  • Wish you had timely and accurate supplier performance numbers for better supplier management and cost improvements?

Does your Commodity Risk Management process…

  • Struggle with data flow, reporting and reconciliations between risk manager, commodity vendor, food product vendors and purchasing?
  • Struggle with connectivity between demand forecasts, hedge positions and product cost forecasts?
  • Require too much effort to review and report on risk management positions?

Is your IT team struggling with…

  • Multiple systems that are not integrated and show inconsistent reporting?
  • Users having to update multiple systems to enable your IT vision?
  • The unending pain of data updates and data cleansing?

Is your Product Information Management…

  • Very slow in getting propagated in product, supply and cost management reporting and planning?
  • Making supply planning and reconciliations difficult or inconsistent?
  • Making it hard to use your systems to respond fast for new items for supply planning, purchasing and pricing?

Does Category Planning make you…

  • Wish there was a way to reflect the combined view of all the changes going on, their impact and allow you to focus on the right priorities?
  • Want to manage your purchasing category by leveraging industry trends in your category?
  • Want to constructively engage your organization in a strategic alignment of your category?